Our vision for Los Angeles

In the midst of urban dwelling, Jesus calls the church to be a distinct light that illuminates the character of God and His purpose for our city (Matt. 5:14-16).  He calls us to be a city in the city putting on display what city living is supposed to be like under the good, just, righteous, and gracious reign of King Jesus.  

We are moving toward the day when everybody in our community and city has a clear picture of the gospel being lived out in every area of life, hear the clarity of its good news, and understand how to join the journey of transformation.

Connect with us at one of our gatherings, cookouts, or areas of serving our city as we mobilize to grow into this picture as a church plant.






The Crenshaw Family


3820 Santa Rosalia Dr,

Los Angeles, CA



Sunday Gathering time:

Su: 11:30-1pm